Class Descriptions:

October 22nd 2010: Playful Plasticine – Learn to Sculpt in Plasticine
Squish, twist, pound and stretch a colourful creation made with Plasticine while re-igniting your imagination. Soft sculpture is loads of fun, releases stress and provides an extraordinary hands-on art experience. Learn how to build your own 3-dimensional Plasticine illustration, or simply create something from your own imagination.

November 26th 2010: Permission to Play –  An Adult Spin on Creating with Kids Art Materials
Get ready to Pound, Press and Scribble. A quirky program that re-introduces childhood favourites like play dough as well as some cool new products on the market for kids. This program was created by request for all my friends and students who requested a fun, free-form experience like our kids classes.

December 17th 2010: Trading Card Fun – Rubber Stamping
Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as a modern baseball card. Come out and learn the art of rubber stamping on trading cards. Make your own trading card designs to swap, give or keep.

January 28th 2011: Unleash Your Inner Artist – Pencil, Ink and Pastel
Creating art that reflects your inner being isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact something really wonderful happens when we focus on the process instead of the final art piece. Explore your own sense of being through spontaneous art with this pencil, ink and pastel workshop. A bit of art therapy that will sooth your soul and unleash your inner being into expression.

February 25th 2011: Relax with Sculpture – Modeling with Plasticine
Looking for a creative outlet? Sculpt your own Plasticine masterpiece while relaxing, having loads of fun and socializing. In this class we will explore easy sculpture techniques to create creatures, critters and figures as well as have time to make something from your own imagination.

March 25th 2011: Sketchbooks and Scribbles – pencil, ink, pastel and so much more
This fun lighthearted approach to sketching will show you how maximize your sketchbook and have lots of fun as well. Sketchbooks aren’t just for sketching they are a rich playground for the imagination. Come out and scribble, sketch and play!

April 29th 2011: Unexpected Art – Mixed Media Exploration
This program focuses on art as a joyful process by creating art in simple, unconventional ways.  Your sure to be surprised by how easy it is to make modern art.

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Dates: The 4th Friday of each month from October 22 to April 29, 2011
Time: 6:15 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: 750 Spadina Avenue, SW corner of Bloor & Spadina
(at the
 Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre)

$65.00 per class (Course fees include all materials and HST)

SPECIAL DISCOUNT of $10 for  Playful Plasticine (for the 1st class in the series)

Register with a friend and save $15.00 each if you register before October 8

Save 10% when you register for the whole 7-class series: $409.50

To keep class size small and personal, registration will close after the first 15 participants confirm their spots.

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