March 25th 2011 

Sculpt A Sunset In Plasticine

Connect With Your Inner Child

Squish, twist, pound and stretch a colourful creation made with Plasticine while re-igniting your imagination. Soft sculpture is loads of fun, releases stress and provides an extraordinary hands-on art experience.

In this joyful “adult re-introduction” to the medium of Plasticine, artist Linda Deramaix will teach you Plasticine basics, as well as share tips and tricks that will help you create your own exciting Plasticine masterpiece!

Class: Sculpt A Sunset - Plasticine Modeling
Date: Friday March 25th, 2011
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: 750 Spadina Avenue, SW corner of Bloor & Spadina (at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre)

Cost: $40.00 (Course fees include all materials and HST)

To register email Linda at or phone 647-343-7844.

Student Work Below

Student, Sonia working on her sunrise inspired plasticine illustration. 

 Sonia's completed
plasticine sunrise. 

"From the very beginning of the workshop, Linda made me feel at ease even though I am not an artistic person. I was concerned about attending Linda's program, as I hadn't worked with art materials since I created an ashtray for my mother in 4th grade. She was a patient and thorough teacher. I'm hooked! I will be back again."

Sonia Byrne, Business & Life Coach

What you will learn:

1. That anybody can learn the basics of playing with Plasticine
2. How to use easy foundation shapes as building blocks to colourful creations
3. To use Plasticine tools to mold your masterpiece with incredible details
4. How to build your own 3-dimensional Plasticine illustration, or simply create something from your own imagination.

This workshop is perfect for the big kid inside you that's been looking for a chance to get out and play. No previous artistic experience necessary.


Step-by-step demonstrations

Artist Linda Deramaix showing basic plasticine techniques.  

Intro to Tools

Artist Linda Deramaix introducing class to modeling tools and their use. 


Artist Linda Deramaix showing background building tips.  

Student exploring new modeling skills and tools.


Artist Linda Deramaix showing a finished plasticine sunset. 

Artist Linda Deramaix helping student learn to use modeling tools with their new creation. 

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