Why bring art education to churches?

Christian Art Programs

Art Plus Faith!

Art is a medium that engages children easily and keeps their attention. By combining faith teaching with bible-based art activities children are able to explore their faith in a hands on manner. Rather than merely listening they are challenged to think and explore further. Helping children explore their faith in Jesus through positive art education leads to rewarding and joyful learning.

To help re-enforce biblical teaching
Multiple ages can participate and learn together for VBS and community events.
Encourage self expression.
To Engage Children
In The Learning Process
Provide room for individual discovery and learning.
Team Building
Social Interaction
Shared Connection
Promote education and literacy.
Explore God’s creation
with art and nature.

 "From the very beginning of the workshop, Linda made me feel at ease even though I am not an artistic person. I was concerned about attending Linda's program, as I hadn't worked with art materials since I created an ashtray for my mother in 4th grade. She was a patient and thorough teacher. I'm hooked! I will be back again."

Sonia Byrne, Business & Life Coach

About the Artist

Linda Deramaix is a Toronto-based arts educator who specializes in a variety of
2D and 3D arts forms. She is a certified arts educator through the Royal Conservatory’s Artist Training program. Through the RCM she has obtained both Lead Artist and Mentor Artist certifications. She currently runs ArtPlusUS, an arts education company known for joyful plasticine classes and custom art curriculum development.



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