Christian Art Programs

Art Plus Faith!

Art is a medium that engages children easily and keeps their attention. By combining faith teaching with bible-based art activities children are able to explore their faith in a hands on manner. Rather than merely listening they are challenged to think and explore further. Helping children explore their faith in Jesus through positive art education leads to rewarding and joyful learning.

Areas of Expertise

• Integration of multiple art mediums with faith-based curriculum

• Design and implementation of custom art programs

• Experience with multi-generational art programs

• Ability to engage multiple ages of children and teens together

• Community based art program work

Workshop Offering

• Plasticine workshops

• Custom program development and consultation for churches

• Art programs for children, teens and adults

• Family workshops

Available For

Sunday School                    Vacation Bible School Weeks               Retreats           

Special Events                    Custom Program Work                           Summer Camps


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