Yesterday I could feel the weight of all my responsibilities crowd into my mind. Single mom, woman, artist, entrepreneur, cook, cleaner, student, daughter, friend... Those are just some of the roles I am blessed to have in my life. It had been a busy week and after spending everyday on the computer learning the ropes of small business marketing, fixing apartment problems and meeting everyday challenges I was frazzled and frustrated.

I first put my mood down to simply having more on my plate than was doable in one day. As the day went on though I realized I was feeling that grumpy RESTLESS feeling that always accompanies too much time away from creating.

You see I had forgotten the artist within needs attention. Oh my life these days is consumed with being an artist, art educator and inspiring others through art. It's easy to spend all my time marketing, selling, promoting and learning social media to reach those important people who I can inspire with art.

At first it's a quiet voice inside asking for attention but ignored too long it's becomes a grumpy demanding child who as been made to sit still for far to long.

So I turned off the computer, unplugged from the business in my life and gave my creative self TIME. Precious time to rip chunks of colourful plasticine. To smell that plasticine scent fill the air and become stuck all over my hands. How wonderful to release a bit of  stress by pressing and smearing one colour into the next. The hours melted into each and as I worked happily.

And in the end I felt such relief and beauty. A new creation has been started and I look forward to continuing the process until completion. I am reminded that Time To Create is perhaps best placed high on this artist's To Do List in the future.