Why Plasticine?
Plasticine is a re-useable medium with a flexibility
that engages children easily.


Plasticine Introduction
Joyful introduction to the medium of plasticine. Create some crazy creatures while learning how to use shapes as building blocks for plasticine sculptures. Introduction to modeling tools and interesting techniques. The emphasis is on fun and exploration while learning skills in between.

Skills Learned

• How to build plasticine sculptures using basic shapes.

• Introduction to modelling tools

• How to add detail to sculptures with modelling tools


Ages 7 - 12 yrs

Plasticine Introduction

Playful Plasticine
(4 weeks, 90 min per session)

Plasticine Storyboards

Pencil and Ink
Sketchbooks and Scribbles

Multiple Mediums
Modern Masterpieces


Ages 2 1/2 - 6 yrs

Storytelling and Sculpture
The Monarch Caterpillar

Crazy for Quilting

5 Week Art Exploration

Squish It, Roll It, Twist It!
Mini Modelers

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