Mini Modelers
Ages 2 1/2 - 6,
(60-90 minutes)
Children explore modeling material to create fun creatures and characters. Children are introduced to modeling through music, storytelling and play. The emphasis will be on fun and exploration while learning skills in between. 

Squish It, Roll It,
Twist It.
Ages 2 1/2 - 6, (60-90 minutes)
Modelling Clay Dough fun. Play clay is a fun hands on medium which children love to explore.



Plasticine Intro 
Ages 7 - 14, (90 minutes)
Joyful introduction to the medium of plasticine. Children are taught basic shape building techniques while creating creatures and
creepy critters.

Playful Plasticine
Ages 7 - 14, 4 week program,
(90 minutes per session

(4 week program, 90 minutes per session)
A four week program designed to introduce
children to the basics of plasticine sculpture.

Week One — Crazy, Creepy, Creations
Week Two — Robots and Outer Space
Week Three — Witches, Wizards and Warts
Week Four — Mixing it up Madness

Plasticine Storyboards
Ages 7 - 14, (1/2 day program)
Children explore literacy through the creation of storyboards illustrated with plasticine. Some plasticine fun starts off the workshop. Once we have a feel for the medium children learn how to use basic two-dimensional shapes to build illustrations. Children then build up their own pictures and are encouraged to give voice to their creations through story telling.


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