Senior Art Programs

For Ages 7 to 12


Plasticine Introduction for Kids

Joyful introduction to the medium of plasticine. Children are taught basic shape building techniques while creating creatures and
creepy critters.

1 session** (60 - 90 mins), materials included

Playful Plasticine for Kids (4 weeks)

A four week program designed to introduce children to the basics of plasticine sculpture.
   Week One — Crazy, Creepy, Creations
   Week Two — Robots and Outer Space
   Week Three — Witches, Wizards and Warts
   Week Four — Mixing it up Madness

4 sessions** (60 - 90 mins), materials included

Plasticine Storyboards for Kids

Children explore literacy through the creation of storyboards illustrated with plasticine. Some plasticine fun starts off the workshop. Once we have a feel for the medium children learn how to use basic two-dimensional shapes to build illustrations. Children then build up their own pictures and are encouraged to give voice to their creations through story telling.
1 half day session**, materials included

Modern Masterpieces for Kids

What can you do with food colouring, paint and plasticine? They are loads of fun and great building blocks to modern art.

1 session** (60 - 90 mins), materials included

Sketchbooks and Scribbles for Kids

A program where children explore pencil, pen and ink in a fun packed sketchy way. Each child takes hoe their own sketchbook.

1 session** (60 - 90 mins), materials included

** Class size includes up to 20 children per session,  additional participant
fee available. 


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